6 Head SWF Commercial Embroidery Machines

The SWF K1506 Commercial Embroidery Machine is designed to give you all the capacity of a six head and STILL fit through a standard doorway.This 6 head, high volume product has all the features that our smaller units have; quick change cap system, automatic oiling, etc., but they all have an even bigger impact in a commercial machine like this one.

K-Series Tubular 6 Heads / SWF K-UH1506-45 (Standard Sewing Field)

SWF K-Series offers the K-UH1506-45 and the K-UK1506-45 Automatic Embroidery Machines. The K-UH1506-45 has the 400mm Head Interval and is referred to as the Small Head Machine. The K-UK1506-45 has the 500mm Head Interval. The UK also has a wider frame than the UH. Both SWF 6 Head machines provide the same K-Series dependability and standard options. LCD display, Quick Change Cap, USB, and SWF Oiling system. SWF also offers the 7 year limited warranty and Electronic Components 3 years.

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