Multi-Head Commercial Embroidery Machines

As your business grows and you gain more clients, there comes a time when you either need to hire more help or add more machines. Hiring people is costly and doesn't increase the production time on the machines. With multi-head embroidery machines you can out-produce your competition by delivering goods to your customers faster and cheaper while raising your business bottom line.

Is the SWF 1501C the Best When does a multi-head machine make sense? Machine for Me?

The order size, or quantity of shirts per order is going up! The savings in upgrading to a multi head embroidery machine is in the labor and time it takes to run higher volume orders. For example, if you have a single head, 15 needle machine and get an order for 12 shirts that take 5 minutes each to run, it will take you 60 minutes of machine time to complete (not including hooping and swap times). It takes 60 minutes because you can only run one shirt at a time. Run that same order for 12 shirts on the 1504 from Stitch It International, and your machine time drops to just 15 minutes! Because each head is running simultaneously, embroidering the same design in 5 minutes, so now it takes 5 minutes to run FOUR shirts and it takes just 3 cycles to make your entire order.

The math is simple: with a 4 head multi-head embroidery machine, if you were to be able to produce FOUR TIMES the product in the same about of hours in the day, how long would it take you to pay for your it?

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