Why an SWF Embroidery Machine or SWF Multi Head Embroidery Machine?

Simple. The price of the embroidery machine vs. the features you get make every model an outstanding value, the training and support offered by Stitch It International, is the best in the industry and the machines themselves are so easy to use and low maintenance you'll be making profitable designs in no time. It's easy for us to brag about the SWF Machines that we sell. After all, Stitch It International is the only source for SWF in the United States and continues to know more, do more, learn more and teach more than any other company about our brand.  

There's a LONG list of standard features that come on or with all of our SWF Embroidery Machines at the bottom of this page, so be sure to take a look before you move on the specific model that interests you.The 4 machines listed below will fill 99% of our customers needs, but if you have a specialty machine in mind, or are looking for an 8 head or larger commercial embroidery machine, just Contact Us and we'll send out the right information right away. Stitch It International offers the full range of SWF products.

SWF 1501C Single Head Compact Machine

The 1501 C is our most popular SWF Single Head machine because with 15 needles, a small foot print and the quick cap change system, it just makes perfect sense for a start up or home based embroidery business. 

But don't let it's small stature fool you! There are many larger businesses that ONLY use the 1501C because its great pricing, professional features and ability to fit in a small space make it a very product product to have to execute multiple jobs.  

Like all of our machines, this one comes with cutting edge training options, start up supplies and a 5 year warranty. Get all the details here.

SWF 1501T Single Head Embroidery Machine

The E-1501T is the big brother to the 1501C, with the same, expansive 15 needle head, large screen control panel and that quick change cap system that comes on all of our SWF systems.

The "T" in the part number stands for "Table"! The flat area you see in the photo is an adjustable table that you can move out of your way for every day projects, then move up when you embroider onto heavy items like draperies, Carhardtt or leather jackets, etc.

Get all the details here.

SWF K1504 Multi Head System

The SWF K1504 Multi Head Machine is a production house dream. If you are turning out dozens, or even hundreds of garments with the same left chest logo, cap design or.. anything.. this 4 head system will make you money.

In fact, you should take a close look at buying more than one of the K1504s before you look at larger ones, they're the perfect size!

Learn all about the SWF K1504 Multi Head Embroidery Machine right here.

SWF K1506C Multi Head - Commercial Powerhouse

The SWF K1506C Commercial Embroidery Machine is designed to give you all the capacity of a six head and STILL fit through a standard doorway.

This 6 head, high volume product has all the features that our smaller units have; quick change cap system, automatic oiling, etc., but they all have an even bigger impact in a commercial machine like this one.

Learn more about the SWF K/1506C here.

SWF Embroidery Machine Common Features

SWF Embroidery Machines from Stitch It International have a LONG list of standard features that set them apart and make your business more profitable.

Automatic Oiling System - The automatic oiling system allows for low maintenance and more  production time. Since the number of oiling points are so greatly reduced, it's MUCH less likely that missing a location over time will occur.

Patented Arm Driving Unit - Patented arm driving unit, with a Presser foot driving mechanism, that is separate from the needle bar movement.

Convenient Install & Uninstall of Presser Foot - Enables an extra variety of embroidery work to be preformed on machine.

Expanded Memory Size - Store up to 100 designs with a basic memory capacity of 2 million stitches.

Mirror Image Conversion and Design Direction - Designs can be rotated from 0° to 359° in 1° increments. Designs can also be flipped horizontally or vertically.

Reduce and Enlarge Designs - Selected designs can be enlarged or reduced from 50% to 200% by 1% increments and in any direction.

Special Repetition Work - Several designs can be repeated up to 69 times at same time.

Thread Break Sensor - The machine detects when the upper thread breaks or the lower thread is out of the needle and automatically stops the machine.

Automatic Offset - The frame automatically returns to the offset point when the embroidery is finished to make it easier for you to switch the frames. You can select AUTOMATIC OFFSET at PARAMETER SELECT MODE to move the frame automatically to the desired point, making it easier to do appliques and emblems.

Manual Offset - Manual Offset allows the user to manually move the frame to a pre-selected point. This feature makes it easy to do applique or to change frames while embroidering.

Internal X-Y Direct Driven System - Ultra Precise movement & control of X-Y pantograph.

Ultra Heavy Duty Pantograph - Ultra Precise movement & control of X-Y pantograph.

Non-Stitch Function - The frame and the needle bar can move back and forth by the units of 1, 100, 1000, and 10,000 stitches and by color without stitching.

Frame Reversal - When the thread breaks or runs out of track, you may move the needle bar back to the starting point of the design in the units of one to ten stitches.

Automatic Return - Frame will move back to its last position after power interruption. This function helps minimize stitch errors while embroidering.

Editing - Edit jump stitches, trims, and end points from the control panel.

Individual Head Operation - In the event of a thread break or other error, only the affected head will stop running. This keeps your machine running and helps to eliminate costly downtime.

Supports Many Design Formats - All E-Series embroidery machines support multiple design formats to help maximize your production capabilities.

USB Port - The USB port allows you to easily move designs using USB external storage devices.

Additional Information
Power: 110 VAC
Embroidery Area: 460 x 300 mm (18.1 x 11.8″)
Maximum Speed: 1,200 Stitches per Minute
Memory: 100 Designs or up to 2,000,000 Stitches

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