Accessories for a commercial embroidery machine

There's not a lot you don't get with our standard packages when you buy an SWF Embroidery Machine from Stitch It International! In fact, there are so many standard items between the embroidery machine itself and the supply package from that comes with it, you may not need ANYTHING for months after your purchase.

But we have identified a few time saving add-ons that make sense. Items that will just make your embroidery business life easier, your time better spent and maybe even help increase your profitability.

The best embroidery machine accessories that we can offer are Hoopmaster, Fast Frames and Mighty Hoops. Read on to find out why.

Mighty Hoop Hooping Device

The Mighty Hoop magnetic hooping system is the ideal way to hoop thick garments and material quickly, efficiently and without pinching the garments.

Do you embroidery on leather goods, Carhardtt products or upholstery and have trouble hooping? Or do you waste time trying to get the hoop JUST Right on especially  think fabrics and materials? Then the Might Hoop is right for you!

Mighty Hoop is a magnetic hooping system that makes it unnecessary to adjust the outer ring because it is attracted to the other half. Because it is a magnetic hooping device, there's very little "hoop burn", better preserving the garment you're working with. AND magnetic hoops for your embroidery  machine are much easier on the hands and wrists, so it reduces the need for physical strength and for those with medical conditions that affect the arms and hands.

Get Mighty Hoop and GET WORKING!

About the Hoopmaster Hooping Device

HoopMaster is THE first name in hooping devices for SWF Embroidery Machines or any other commercial embroidery machine on the market today. The Hoopmaster got its great reputation by providing its customers with the ability to hoop any garment, any size, perfectly every time.

How much time will you waste in your shop setting up polo after polo to embroider the same logo for that big order?

The answer is NONE if you choose to add the Hoopmaster to your embroidery business equipment list.

This hooping device has an attachment for every embroidery job you can imagine, so just speak with your Stitch It International account manager about which combination is right for your embroidery business.

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